Application Sample
This is how the Pre-Decision Application Page will appear:


Application Steps:
            These are all the steps you will need to complete for the Klein GO application.

1.  Preferred Name
           John Doe 
2. Cell Phone Number
3. How did you hear about Klein Global Opportunities 
           Facebook/Freshman Orientation/Study Abroad Week
4. Are you an Fly in 4 student?
5. Is your GPA currently a 3.0 or higher? If not, provide a brief explanation on your academic history.
6. Based on your unofficial transcript, what is your current academic classification?
          Senior (90+ credit hours completed)
          Junior (60-89 credit hours completed)
          Sophomore (30-59 credit hours completed)
          Freshman (0-29 credit hours completed)

7. When do you expect to graduate?
          Ex: December 2018/May 2019
8. Are you planning on studying away during your last semester at Temple? 
9. In the semester immediately following the program, will you be enrolled as a full-time student?
10. Academic History 
- Insert PDF of your unofficial transcript by clicking the yellow folder button and selecting the correct file.
Unofficialtranscriptsubmission11. Klein GO Essay
12. Do you have a Passport?
13. I understand I must provide a scanned copy of my passport upon enrolling in an international program.
14. Do you plan on applying for Study Away scholarships?
15. Have you discussed your Study Away plans with Student Financial Services?
16. Are you eligible to you a Merit Scholarship stipend for a Klein GO program?