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Leading an existing GO program or serving as a Visiting Faculty at one of Temple's international campuses is a fantastic way to enhance the academic experience for both students and faculty. While traveling abroad together, groups can deepen their knowledge and culture of a topic area that they can then bring back and share with the Temple community. Some topics may seem like natural fit for a study away course, however, Klein GO encourages faculty from all Klein departments to propose ways of incorporating an intercultural or international study away experience. 
Previous Faculty Testimonial: 
"It's summertime and I wake up in the greatest city in the world. My alarm clock is the sound, hope, and cultural experience of the ever shifting visage of New York City. I firmly believe that for students to understand urban communication they must experience the diversity of this city, a place of more than 8.5 million people, where over 150 languages are spoken in only one section of its confines. Here is the beginning of American social movement and activism, where the world's great luminaries, artists, and innovators gathered through the rise and fall of two colonial powers and the advance of the American nation. The money of Wall Street mingles with uptown funk.  Hamilton buried his son here, a few blocks away from where thousands of slaves toiled in one century and where thousands of American citizens lost their lives in a singular morning. Alongside my students, I spend my day exploring some of the most recognized neighborhoods, museums, and organizations found in the United States if not the world. At dusk, I watch the sun set over the ever shifting Hudson River and the intellectually boundless city that it borders. I and my students are part of a trajectory that has been part of this metropolis for centuries. As many have felt before me, New York City is my 400 plus year old lover, nemesis, and muse. At times, he is wonderfully adept at being magical. At others, she is the worst roommate in the history of time. At others, she is the world's best boss and he is the most loyal of friends. At times, I hate them both. New York City is a plurality of identities; they dance with me until dawn or anchor me to a twilight of introspection.  I wake up to restart the cycle. As one of the student founders and active alumni of this program succinctly noted: "Oh dammit New York-- I still love you."
- Dr. Scott Gratson, Faculty Leader, Communities & Organizations in NYC
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How to Apply

For faculty interested in leading a program, there are several opportunities available to them. This includes applying to lead an existing program offered by Klein Global Opportunities, serve as visiting faculty at either Temple Rome or Temple Japan, or propose to develop and lead a brand new program.

Each program offers different benefits for faculty. To learn more about each opportunity, visit the respective page below: