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Casey L Tsou

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My name is Casey Tsou and I am a sophomore majoring in Communication and Social Influence with a minor in French. This summer of 2019, I studied abroad in London and I had an amazing time interning at the Bernard Jacobson Gallery. During my time there, I worked the front desk greeting people, picking up calls, working on the website, and digging through the archives for research. Working in the center of London allowed me to explore so much of the city because many of the sites I wanted to see were within walking distance. I was just a fifteen-minute walk from Buckingham Palace and twenty minutes to the River Thames and Big Ben in another direction. I was able to get a lot of sightseeing done just during my lunch hour as well as find my own favourite spots to hang out at. The scheduling freedom during our internship period was one of the best aspects of the London Summer Experience. Everyone worked a maximum of three days a week, leaving the remaining four to explore the city. I was able to take advantage of this flexibility like many other students in my program and personally traveled to Paris, Prague, and Venice which made it an even more unforgettable experience. Although I didn't face a language barrier in London, I still experienced a culture shock that was comparable to what I felt while abroad in France, the Czech Republic, Italy, and China. Even though I was still able to communicate in English every day, I adapted to a completely different lifestyle in London. I learned how to use their public transportation system, adjust to being on the other side of the street, picked up on some slang, and really enjoyed being able to show my parents around the city without using Google Maps when they visited me during my birthday week in July. However, the best part about this entire experience was that I didn't go through it alone. I made great friends with students from universities other than Temple, spent a day playing volleyball with Londoners and recent UK Immigrants, and truly bonded with my co-workers at the gallery. Participating in this program has been one of the greatest highlights of my time at Temple and I am extremely grateful for the valuable tools it has given me towards my next three years in college and beyond.

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